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Excerpts from Spring 1958 Edition


In the darkness of the morning,
Brisk and bitter without light,
Came the sunrise with the dawning,
Like a thief within the night.

All the deep, dark moving shadows
Give off sharp and piercing cries,
As they're tucked within the heavens
By the silent, dawning skies.

Spring is the renaissance of the seasons; it is the awakening of life. During spring, nature paints some of her most beautiful scenes: greenish tinted willows bending low over a swift stream swollen with the water of melting snow, fields of lordly daffodils bowing their crowns to the sun, and rows of Japanese cherries and apple trees flowering in all their splendor. The vernal renaissance is a time when nature displays some of her greatest architecture: the magic of the leaf,, the beauty of the flower, and the simplicity and strength of a bird's nest. Nature also writes some of her most beautiful music during this time: the gentle whispering of a spring breeze, the song of a thrush, and the crescendos of swift streams of water and rivers of sap.

The artists of nature take part in this renaissance: the goddess of color, the spirit of life, and the creator of beauty. Nature blends the talents of these great artists to produce an effect that man looks forward to year of ter year - the rebirth of nature's arts with all its splendor and beauty.


Poem by Nancy Sadler.
Artwork by Lucille Hutchison

0h Mountain, thou art like a stately queen
Who stands in regal splendor.
Above thy head, the clouds at thy command;
At thy feet, the evergreen.

Glistening snow forms a diamond crown
To adorn thy noble brow;
And far away where waters meet the shore,
Oceans at thy feet bow down.