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Excerpts from Winter 1958 Edition


My life is gone; I live no more;
Yet I shall tell of times before.
I once was strong and brave and true!
I stood beneath the sky so blue;
I felt the rain upon my head,
And saw the sun that was my bread.
My life was good; no strife I knew.
It ended thus as all things do,
For I was taken far away
To celebrate a holiday.
And on display in front of all
I stood surrounded by a wall
Ne'er to see my friend Sun rise;
My captors I did so despise.
Life was not true unless 'twas free.
I died by my captivity.
Then I was kept until the time,
And so I went while in my prime.
A blackened stump they made of me,
The remnant of a Christmas tree.


The tree is here, and we all cheer
Because the time is drawing near
When we will trim the greatest tree
That anyone has yet to see.
Our dad has put the tree lights up,
Although he's troubled with the pup.
With this all done, now comes the part
For beads and balls and stars to start.
Some snow to fill in 'round the base
Transforms it from an empty space.
It looks just like a winter scene,
But to the left it seems to lean.
Now Junior's in the box of snow
And getting some all set to throw.
Our mother's standing on a chair.
Good grief! What is she doing there?
Here comes the tree and Mother too!
Oh, now what are we going to do?
But Father's here to save the day
And picks it up without delay.
Now once again erect it stands
While we all shout and clap our hands.
Father's sprawled across a chair,
And Mother isn't anywhere.
But even though we're looking sick,
All we kids got such a kick
That we can't wait until next year
To do again what we've done here.