Jerry Brownstein sent this letter to David Crispin wanting to thank him for the impact Dave had on Jerry's life. Sadly, it was returned due to Dave's passing shortly beforehand.

November 5, 2008

Dr. David Crispin
22 Catherine Ave
Ellsworth, Maine 04605-2782

Dear Dr. Crispin,

My name is Jerald Brownstein. Im a member of the Haverford High School class of 1959. A few years ago, Ken Curtis created a website which has enabled class members to email one another or to simultaneously email all the members in the directory. Its been a wonderful exercise sharing and learning of memories and experiences from nearly 50 years ago. Many of the exchanges dealt with our teachers and you should know your name was often recalled and always in a positive way.

For me, you were the most memorable teacher I ever had in any grade in high school or college. It was to my benefit to have had you as a JV basketball coach, Debate Team advisor and English teacher. As a coach, I remember clearly so many of the basic skills you tried to impart as well as what Larry Brown, the famous NBA coach has called, playing the game the right way. And I particularly value the importance of playing with passion you attached to the game. Ive been fortunate to have the opportunity to pass along much of this while coaching my children and grandchildren.

As a Debate Team advisor, your strategy of having us be equally prepared to debate either side of the question was masterful. Not only did it force us to be better prepared to attack or defend the issue at hand, but also the subtler lesson was it enabled me to have a genuine appreciation for an opposite viewpoint outside of the formal debate format. I have found this to be invaluable in understanding where others are coming from.

And as a teacher, you were almost instantly able to overcome my dread of poetry when you declared on the first day youd be grading us on what we knew, not on what we didnt know. The challenge of memorizing Whitman and Frost was daunting but very doable and very rewarding.

As my classmates were emailing back and forth about those days at HHS, my thoughts often turned to you and the valuable lessons you taught me both in the classroom and basketball court. I wanted you to know how fortunate I was to have had you in my life.

Yours truly,
Jerald Brownstein

P.S. Mr. Fred Hughes gave your address to a classmate.