Photos on this page were submitted in October, 2008, by class members who participated in the email list. Classmates were asked to send in from 1 to 3 digital photo images of something that is special about the area where they live. Photos were resized to fit this page and, in some cases, modified for better viewing.
To view full size photos, click the thumbnail image.

1 wk-1 wk-2 wk-3 jk-1 ww-1 rg-1
Wendy Krisher Wendy Krisher Wendy Krisher Joan Kearns Bill Wilson Bob Goldblatt
2 rg-2 rg-3 mf-1 mf-2 mf-3 wwkmn-1
Bob Goldblatt Bob Goldblatt Murray Feldstein Murray Feldstein Murray Feldstein Will Workman
3 wwkmn-2 kc-1 kc-2 kc-3 gw-1 lv-1
Will Workman Ken Curtis Ken Curtis Ken Curtis Gray Whetstone Lucy Vosmek
4 lv-2 lv-3 dr-1 jp-1 wp-1 wp-2
Lucy Vosmek Lucy Vosmek Dan Rankin Joel Perlish Bill Perks Bill Perks
5 wp-3 ml-1 kp-1 kp-2 kp-3 pa-1
Bill Perks Mary Lou Shannon Ken Petrella Ken Petrella Ken Petrella Pam Athey
6 pa-2 cg-1 cg-2 cg-3 dg-1 dg-2
Pam Athey Charles Grey Charles Grey Charles Grey Dottie Gross Dottie Gross
7 dg-3 df-1 as-1 hd-1 hd-2 hd-3
Dottie Gross Duke Frey Alan Stecker Harris Dautle Harris Dautle Harris Dautle
8 dv-1 dv-2 dv-3 hr-1 hr-2 hr-3
Doug Volk Doug Volk Doug Volk Harriett Ringold Harriett Ringold Harriett Ringold
9 sf-1 sf-2
Sandy Mesrobian Fordyce Sandy Mesrobian Fordyce